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LG Unveils New Displays for EV Chargers

LG Business Solutions USA has unveiled a 55-inch high-brightness digital display—integrated with the Broadsign out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform—for public electric vehicle (EV) charging stations.



“Accelerating the transition to a clean energy future requires the integration of many more EV charging kiosks across North America, and LG is helping incentivize property owners to install more of these kiosks by enabling greater profitability per unit,” said James Pfenning, technical sales director, LG Business Solutions USA. “As manufacturers add this revenue-generating signage into their charging kiosks, property ownersand custom integrators will be able to generate more revenue and greater ROI while providing valuable benefits to customers, passersby and parking lot users.”

The most significant special features of the EV charging kiosk are the dual-sided 55-inch displays with the integration of the Broadsign platform. This technology combination empowers owners to sell and display third-party advertisements through Broadsign’s programmatic advertising platform. The Broadsign Platform enables media sellers to access global media buyers through a network of more than 35 integrated advertising buying platforms, including The TradeDesk, Google DV360, and Yahoo.

“Media buyers are seeking new ways to reach EV owners and audiences near restaurants, retail environments, and other locations where EV chargers typically reside. LG’s new solution, developed alongside our team and other collaborative partners, makes it easier for property owners and governments to install and run EV chargers that support dynamic advertising in locations where key audiences frequent,” said Chadi Borghol, Broadsign’s director of sales. “We’re thrilled to team up with LG to unveil ad-supported EV charger solutions like this, which will unlock new revenue opportunities for property owners and local governments, expand advertiser access to a key audience, and reduce previous barriers to EV charging infrastructure growth.”

The new LG display solution is leveraged in ChargeCast and ChargEview, the first in a series of EV charger innovations arising from multi-party collaborations with North American kiosk enclosure manufacturers LSI and Melitron and charge point operators EV Range and SWTCH. ChargeCast, a dual-display model that was demonstrated in LG’s booth at InfoComm, is specified for the U.S. market and incorporates elements from LG, Broadsign, LSI, and EV Range. LG has also partnered with Melitron, SWTCH, and Broadsign for ChargEView, a U.S. and Canadian market-based EV charging DOOH platform.

LG says the kiosk designs reflect direct consumer input, including a taller-than-average height and larger digital display along with a thinner profile that enables simple placement and installation. Customers can choose single or dual-vehicle charger options, with single or dual-sided displays, depending on their needs.

Optimized for EV charging station applications, the rugged 55-inch LG display (model 55XE4F) is what LG calls a “brilliant screen” designed for outdoor use including in direct sunlight. It features 4,000 nits of brightness, a slim profile, IP56 protection from the elements, technology that enables full visibility with polarized sunglasses, and a screen made with impact-resistant protective glass.

As public programs and municipalities increasingly direct funds to promote private construction of EV infrastructure, buyers may be able to subsidize their initial costs, reducing recoup periods and delivering even greater ROI thanks to the LG digital signage and Broadsign advertising solution, according to the companies. This technology to help grow a EV charging station market complements other LG green energy initiatives and supports the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability, according to the company.

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