LAVNCH [CODE] Creates AI Policy


The LAVNCH [CODE] team is made up of individuals who are always eager to use the latest technology, which includes artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT. With the influx of AI tools available, specifically in terms of content creation, our team has created the following policy for the use of AI editorially:

We believe the human touch is critical to reporting—for fact checking, style editing, personality, and more. As a general rule, the LAVNCH [CODE] team will only use AI, including ChatGPT, to enhance its content. In other words, the team may use AI for research purposes when creating articles or designing events. However, our human team will still be writing all of the articles and moderating all the events you know and love.

When the team does choose to use AI tools, including ChatGPT, for an entire article, this will be viewed as a novelty post. The use of AI to write the article will be disclosed at the beginning of the piece, and the piece will still be fact-checked and edited for style by our human team.

As the use of AI grows in contention creation, so will our internal policies surrounding AI. We love our human team and will continue to put their talents at the forefront of this publication.

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