Jason Derulo Slides into the Metaverse with TerraZero Technologies

Jason Derulo Slides into the Metaverse with TerraZero Technologies

TerraZero Technologies, a metaverse technologies firm and interactive experience development studio, has partnered with Atlantic Records and Jason Derulo for a new kind of immersive activation in the Decentraland Metaverse.

Jason Derulo partners with TerraZero Technologies

TerraZero Technologies recreated Jason Derulo’s Slidin’ music video in the metaverse.

The companies set out to recreate Jason Derulo’s music video for Slidin’ in Decentraland as an experience built by TerraZero, premier the video, give fans a chance to stylize the environment themselves, and give away an exclusive metaverse pool party, hosted by TerraZero, at the metaverse mansion from the music video to one lucky fan and their friends.

“I would’ve given anything for this kind of connection with my idols growing up,” said Derulo. “The metaverse, and how people can come together to experience something special… this is definitely the future of the Internet—the way TerraZero is doing it and what we made together. I’ve always been a gamer at heart, which has always found its way into how I’ve written my music, and cultivated my career. Being an avatar in the metaverse and connecting with people directly is a new way to show who I am beyond the screen and speakers. It’s super real in a very unreal way.”

A unique part of this activation is the approach from Derulo, himself–who will be attending the premier as his own avatar, created by TerraZero. Derulo’s avatar also popped up in locations around the Decentraland Metaverse leading up to the premier, which was captured by TerraZero in a new kind of experiential content creation dubbed, “limitless worlds”.

The concept, spearheaded by TerraZero’s chief metaverse officer Ryan Kieffer and chief experience officer Brandon F. Johnson, presents new kinds of interactions and stories which merge figures like Derulo from the real world with infinitely open-ended stories and moments that would never be possible, let alone interactive and social, in any other way, in any other medium.

Dan Reitzik, CEO of TerraZero Technologies, sees this kind of activation as only the beginning of what artists like Derulo can do as multi-faceted entertainers, “Jason is fantastically talented, and an amazing artist to work with–but when he goes on tour, Jason can only perform to the crowd that’s before him. In the metaverse, we want to bring a global crowd to artists like Jason Derulo. Why play to just 20,000 people in an arena when you can play to 20,000,000 in the metaverse?”

The event and music video premiere in the metaverse are scheduled to go live in Decentraland today. Derulo fans and metaverse users are invited to enter the TerraZero giveaway at https://terrazero.com/slidin/.

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