J Resort Shines Bright with Daktronics LED Displays

J Resort Shines Bright with Daktronics LED Displays

Daktronics, in conjunction with YESCO, manufactured and installed new LED displays for J Resort in Reno, NV. The project was recently completed and signage is currently bringing new light to the location as more than 7M pixels connect with visitors and passersby.

Digital art at Reno's J Resort on a Daktronics LED.

Digital art at Reno’s J Resort on a Daktronics LED.

The new ribbon-style display measures 15ft. tall by more than 150ft. long and wraps around three sides of the building to deliver J Resort branding and messaging. It features 8mm pixel spacing for excellent image quality and contrast, according to the company.

“With Northern Nevada’s first LED display that wraps around multiple sides of a building, we know the J Resort will stand out among the competition in Reno,” said Adam Keefer, custom account executive at YESCO.

On the side of the building, a 65ft. tall by 65ft. wide video display brings the building to life. This display features 10mm pixel spacing and can deliver full size imagery and captivating digital art content.

“The new 65ft. by 65ft. LED display that rests on the north wall of our Aspen Tower, will be 100% dedicated to displaying digital art. This makes the art installation not only unique in its sheer size but also with the custom content produced with digital artists across the globe,” said Dave Seydor, digital marketing manager at J Resort.

“The LED project at J Resort is nothing short of spectacular,” concluded Travis Borns, Daktronics senior project manager. “A true testament to cutting-edge technology, this stunning display of lights will be an icon of the casino, drawing in crowds and leaving them in awe. The sheer scale of the installation has placed J Resort on the map as a must-visit destination.”

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