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HP Debuts Service to Manage Virtual Reality Devices

HP has announced a new SaaS solution that is designed to streamline deploying and managing enterprise virtual reality (VR) at scale.

HP ExtendXR

Quickly enroll headsets into the console via USB with the HP ExtendXR Device Setup Application. Once loaded, users can easily and securely manage each headset’s device settings and content in groups or individually.

In collaboration with ArborXR, an AR/VR device management company, HP say it is making it easy to seamlessly and securely setup and manage a fleet of VR all-in-one devices with a new extended reality (XR) management platform, HP ExtendXR.

“We are excited to power HP’s new XR platform,” said ArborXR CEO Brad Scoggin. “By working together, ArborXR and HP trailblaze the enterprise AR/VR industry and make it easy for companies to scale XR deployments.”

HP believes the strategic collaboration will allow the company to leverage cutting-edge AR/VR technology to help companies seamlessly scale XR deployment.

HP will also have support and coordination for HP ExtendXR through its close relationship with HTC and Pico Interactive—both of whom provide standaloneVR solutions for businesses, all powered by Snapdragon XR Platforms.

“HP has a strong portfolio of innovative solutions that are key to fueling advancements in the XR landscape,” said Daniel O’Brien, general manager, HTC Americas. “We are excited to support HP’s ExtendXR software solution with our All-in-One headset, HTC VIVE Focus 3. Together, we aim to help organizations achieve an easy way to scale VR deployments in a secure and efficient way.”

“Given the evolution and future of VR in the enterprise, we believe HP Extend VR is a significant step forward to enable businesses to scale XR employments. We are excited to have this new solution available on our powerful stand-alone VR headsets.” concluded Leland Hedges, GM EMEA of Pico Interactive.

HP ExtendXR features a simple-to-use and manage single-pane-of-glass browser console for deploying VR applications and keeping headsets updated, enabling support management from most phone, tablet, or PC devices, anytime, anywhere. It also controls and enhances the VR headset experience for an organization’s end users, including support for Kiosk Mode and HP’s ExtendXR Home customizable application launcher.

HP ExtendXR will be offered with two service levels, HP’s Standard Plan, and HP’s Premium Plan.  Pricing, a free trial, and other information can be found here.

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