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How to Explore Barcelona at ISE 2023

How to Explore Barcelona at ISE 2023

With ISE 2023 fast approaching, AV professionals from around the globe are planning on descending in Barcelona. The show, quite obviously, is the main attraction. However, there is so much more to do in Barcelona itself.

“Barcelona is more than a city: it is a lifestyle, different from that of any other European capital,” said Núria Muñoz, events and communications, Barcelona Convention Bureau. “It is a Mediterranean city with a very sunny, mild climate. And there is much more. Barcelona is a city you can explore on foot.

“As well as Mediterranean, Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city,” she added. “One of the things that makes me feel proudest is that the city is a melting pot of cultures because it is so welcoming—if you have ever been here you will know what I mean—and is undergoing constant change, permanently renewing itself and committed to innovation.”

What to Do in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for many things—incredible architecture, beautiful beaches, a vibrant nightlife, and delicious food to name a few.

Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art

MACBA Collection: Prelude. Poetic Intention. Photo: Miquel Coll

“Barcelona offers infinite possibilities for visitors: culture, history, food, architecture,” said Muñoz. “We encourage all show attendees to extend their stay after the congress to enjoy the great food, culture, and music that the city has on offer. Whether it’s your first time or your fiftieth, Barcelona’s iconic sights never fail to impress.”

Culture: In Barcelona, visitors will find a wide variety of architecture, museums, art galleries, ancestral traditions, a vibrant cultural scene, countless activities, and artistic and cultural pursuits. Click here to learn more.

Food and Wine: Food is one of the cornerstones of Catalan culture with heritage, local produce, tradition, innovation, and sustainability as its main ingredients. Click here to learn more.

Shopping: Barcelona is a vast retail showcase. Local shops—a key part of the city’s distinctive identity—stand alongside prestigious brands from Spain and abroad, making it a top-class shopping destination. Click here to learn more.

For those who have explored Barcelona before, Muñoz has two possibly new-to-you spots: MOCO Museum and the Torre Glòries Lookout.

Barcelona Eats

Catalan cuisine is based on the Mediterranean diet made with the seasonal, locally sourced produce you can buy at the markets in every neighborhood. Impressively, Barcelona has 24 restaurants with 35 Michelin stars between them.

“Barcelona has one of the world’s most vibrant culinary scenes: traditional and innovative dishes; seasonal, locally sourced produce; specialities associated with feast days and celebrations… and all of them paired with a wide variety of local wines,” said Muñoz.

Watch the mouth-watering video of Barcelona cuisine below.

The city’s culinary offer is completed by independent chefs and a growing range of organic, sustainable dining options, vegetarian eateries and restaurants in hotels and landmark buildings—some of them more than a hundred years old—and restaurants serving traditional Catalan fare.

Less than an hour away from Barcelona, visitors can discover up to five Designations of Origin that produce wines and cavas of different characteristics. The diversity of the landscapes in the province lends the grape varieties their own distinctive flavors and brings a whole host of nuances and sensations.

In May of 2022, the city launched its ““The gastronomic revolution lives on in Barcelona” campaign. The campaign focuses on established, highly prestigious restaurants, while emphasizing the fact that Barcelona has become a test bed for many young chefs who are open to influences from around the world and committed to using local produce, according to the city.

Watch the video below to learn more about the city’s “gastronomic revolution”.

Click here for a list of restaurant recommendations from the Convention Bureau.

Exploring the City During ISE 2023

ISE organizers are once again offering free travel on public transit within Barcelona to show attendees. Once inside the Fira, attendees can show their badges (printed or digital) at one of the desks at the South or East Access and collect a four-day travel pass. This is valid on the day it is first used and the next three days. The pass can be used on all metro and bus services within Barcelona, including to the airport.

“Barcelona makes it very easy to enjoy and explore the city. We offer a range of convenient tourist products for easy touring,” Muñoz said. “We also have at their disposal the Visit Barcelona Tickets: Turisme de Barcelona’s official shop where show attendees can choose from more than 170 activities and buy their tickets with discounts and beat the queues!”

“We’re encouraging visitors to explore the city of Barcelona with a number of activities happening during the week and into the weekend, using the power of AV, systems integration and lighting,” concluded Mike Blackman, Integrated Systems Events managing director. “Llum BCN, festival of the light arts, takes place from February 3-5, and we are delighted to be sponsors, so explore the city and be inspired!”

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