GhostFrame Demo Hosted at FMX's Virtual Production Showcase

GhostFrame Demo Hosted at FMX’s Virtual Production Showcase

The 26th edition of FMX hosted an extensive virtual production stage. Partnering with Epic Games, ARRI, disguise, TrackMen, and the GhostFrame team represented by ROE Visual, an ambitious demonstration was prepared, showcasing the latest in virtual production technology, including GhostFrame technology.

GhostFrame Demo Hosted at FMXs Virtual Production Showcase

The GhostFrame demo hosted at FMX’s Virtual Production Showcase.

The FMX took place May 3-5 in Stuttgart, Germany. Starting as an exchange fair for the students of the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg, FMX—Film and Media Exchange—has developed into one of the world’s most influential conferences dedicated to digital entertainment; over the years, thousands of speakers have entered the FMX Stage to share their insights into the world of animation, effects, and interactive and immersive media.

Working with technology partners ARRI, disguise, Epic Games, and TrackMen, a fully-operational virtual production stage was made possible; the stage included GhostFrame Track and GhostFrame Chroma features. Visitors could enter the stage to experience an on-stage performance, a hands-on encounter with the Unreal Engine and disguise technology, or a behind-the-camera experience.

“Our growing engagement with and expertise in the game, broadcast, and film market is manifested in our current product portfolio,” said Roelof Bouwman, managing director of ROE Visual Europe, a GhostFrame partner. “We’re well aware of the demanding requirements that go hand-in-hand with working with in-camera shoots. Our partnerships with ARRI, Unreal Engine, and disguise reflect that engagement and focus on getting the most out of the LED technology for our users. This showcase offers the ideal platform to visualize the added value of GhostFrame for games, broadcast, and film applications.”

Watch the video below to see highlights from FMX 2022.

The immersive and real-time nature of LED studio environments can unlock production limitations and allow filmmakers to shoot multiple locations in one place. The company says the workflow can be improved by adding GhostFrame technology to make it more efficient and faster.

To activate the GhostFrame features, an ROE Visual Black Pearl BP2V2 LED wall was built, powered by Megapixel’s HELIOS LED processing platform, while TrackMen provided the camera tracking.

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