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#GALSNGEAR Launches the Tequity Hub

#GALSNGEAR has launched a new initiative—the Tequity Hub—to create free training opportunties for women and other industry stakeholders.

#GALSNGEAR Tequity Tuesday Sept 2023The Tequity Hub is the embodiment of the equation tequity = skills + access + visibility, coupled with a supportive community. According to the organization, this dynamic training and networking program—hosted monthly on the LIVE! online event platform—will be a game-changer for women seeking to upskill and advance their careers in the industry. The Tequity Hub is open to all women in the industry, assigned at birth or not, and all industry stakeholders.

“Technology and tools are changing fast in the media and entertainment industries, which means we women might be missing out on a career opportunity or increased pay if we don’t adapt and upskill—whether we are in tech ourselves or managing it,” said #GALSNGEAR founder Amy DeLouise. “On the Tequity Hub, we’re creating a one-stop shop for women looking to upskill. And guess what? A huge amount of this training is free!”

With Tequity Hub, #GALSNGEAR is honoring its mission to build a robust community that not only supports women but also creates a platform to connect them with the resources and opportunities necessary for their career advancement. As part of that mission, the organization collaborates with leading manufacturers, broadcasters, and other industry groups. These partnerships have made it possible to drive real change and foster an inclusive environment. The Tequity Hub will serve as a catalyst for progress, where potential sponsors and attendees alike can make a tangible impact on gender equity within the sector.

One of the purposes behind Tequity Hub is to ensure that hardware and software companies recognize the value of including women in their beta-testing networks. #GALSNGEAR hopes to be the bridge that connects these companies to talented women within the community. These women can provide invaluable insights and contributions as beta testers.

Both sponsors and attendees can take advantage of the Tequity Hub’s wide range of opportunities. Companies with existing training programs can now support the Hub by hosting links to their content at a nominal fee. This will further promote skill development and knowledge-sharing within the industry.

For organizations interested in aligning themselves with the cause of empowering women in STEM and leadership, a number of sponsorship opportunities are available.

Tequity Hub events, which began on August 15, will take place on the third Tuesday of each month on the LIVE! online event platform. There are rooms for workshops, demos, and for meetings and networking. Attendees can see active rooms and the users within them and can jump into any room at any time on their own—no one has to move them there.

Upcoming Tequity Hub events:

  • Sept. 26 — Opportunities for Women in Sports Broadcasting
  • Oct. 17 — How to Become a Beta Tester (and Why It Can Help Your Career)
  • Nov. 21 — Public Speaking and How It Helps Your Career, Even If You’re Behind the Camera

Click here to register.

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