FlowGPT Hosts Hackathon Focused on AI Creativity and Ethics

FlowGPT Hosts Hackathon Focused on AI Creativity and Ethics

FlowGPT, a platform building a community for users to test their prompts, will host its third hackathon event, FlowGPT Hackathon S3, focused on artificial intelligence (AI) creativity and ethics. The hackathon began on Friday, Sept. 15 and is set to end on Saturday, Oct. 14. Partners and sponsors of the event include Google Palm2, Wolfram Alpha, and Opus Clip.

FlowGPT HackathonThe virtual hackathon brings together developers, designers, and subject matter experts to build innovative and responsible AI prompts using FlowGPT’s integrations with OpenAI, Meta, and Google Palm2. Participants will leverage datasets and models like ChatGPT to build prompt-based application scenes to improve a resume that provides helpful, harmless AI interactions.

The hackathon aims to drive innovation in AI. Participants are encouraged to form interdisciplinary teams to build novel solutions that combine technical and ethical excellence. In addition to the main prize categories, special honors will go to projects that showcase diversity and inclusion in their team composition and end applications.

“AI lowers the barrier for creators. We want to take this mission further—enabling everyone, including developers and non-technical people, to create their AI native applications,” said Jay Dang, CEO of FlowGPT. “Our hackathons highlight creative approaches to training AI that are not only useful but also aligned with human values.”

The month-long hackathon will feature talks and mentorship from AI experts across industry and academia. Prizes will be awarded to projects in categories like Most Helpful AI, Most Ethical AI, Most Creative AI, and other areas related to responsible innovation.

Past hackathon winners have built AI assistants to provide mental health support, intelligent writing aids, virtual characters like C.AI, and more. Past events have attracted over 2,000 participants from around the world.

“We’re excited to work with partners like Google to give developers access to safe, high-quality AI building blocks,” concluded Jay. “Together, we can expand the boundaries of helpful, harmless AI.”

To register for FlowGPT Hackathon S3, click here.

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