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Exertis Almo Acquires Caddrillion

Exertis Almo has reached an agreement to acquire certain assets of Caddrillion Engineering & Drafting, a provider of engineering, drafting, and programming resources for technology integrators and consultants.

Exertis Almo Acquires CaddrillionThe acquisition, officially effective January 1, 2023, gives Exertis Almo partners greater access to CAD/Engineering services provided by 20 full-time employees. At the same time, Caddrillion customers can now benefit from the global backing of Exertis Almo’s parent company, Exertis to leverage greater financial resources and supply chain logistics for more business opportunities, efficiencies, and profit potential—according to the company.

“Today’s integrators realize that services have become an essential part of every AV project and without including them at the outset, they risk leaving money on the table and business for others to finish,” said Sam Taylor, executive vice president/COO of Exertis Almo. “The addition of Caddrillion’s talented full-time CAD/engineering specialists enable us to greatly expand and evolve our already robust service offering and provide more dedicated expertise to the growing areas of engineering, drafting and programming.”

“Exertis Almo’s values of putting the customer first and offering best-in-class service led us to initially pursue a partnership as an outsourced extension of the services team,” added Justin Gregory, CEO of Caddrillion. “Now as a result of the acquisition, we are ready to take the next step in providing effective and reliable in-house drafting, engineering, and programming services at a much greater capacity and with our customers’ best interests in mind.”

Taylor noted that while more information about the acquisition will be available in the coming weeks, Caddrillion customers should expect no disruptions to their current projects.

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