disguise and Move.ai's Invisible Solution Now Available

disguise and Move.ai’s Invisible Solution Now Available

disguise has announced the immediate availability of Invisible—a complete technology bundle for real-time markerless motion capture developed in partnership with Move.ai. By removing the need for markers, wearable suits, and long calibration setups, Invisible allows anyone to easily mirror their movements onto a character rig within disguise’s Designer software, all in real time.

Invisible by disguise and Move.ai

Invisible by disguise and Move.ai

The solution, which can track up to two people at once, leverages Move.ai’s patented Invisible real-time markerless mocap software to extract natural human motion from video using advanced artificial intelligence (AI). “Faster, easier, and more cost-effective live motion capture on set or on stage is here,” says disguise.

Whether it’s for a live broadcast watched by millions, a concert crossing into the metaverse or the latest feature film, creative teams can leverage the Invisible solution to stand out to audiences in new ways. For broadcasters, the motion capture data can be used to drive gesture-triggered graphs and scene changes or accurate shadows for talent on set. For filmmakers, it enables the capture of 3D characters that seamlessly interact with real actors or even drive movement-triggered effects like smoke and fire. For live event companies, the Invisible solution can transport performers into a game universe with avatars that instantly replicate their movements, without restrictive and expensive mocap suits.

No compromises need be made to creative vision, with motion capture data directly integrated into the disguise Designer software for complete control and visibility throughout production. The Invisible software integrates with the scalable processing capabilities of disguise hardware, ensuring a high-fidelity real-time output to LED stages and virtual production volumes of various sizes.

  • The Invisible solution is a bundled offering supported exclusively by disguise. It includes the following components:
  • disguise MX Move data processing hardware, purpose-built to run the Invisible software;
  • FLIR Blackfly S GigE machine vision cameras;
  • TAMRON 2.8mm, Goyo 3.5mm or LCM 4mm fixed focal length camera lenses, depending on the size of the LED volume;
  • NETGEAR MS510TXPP network switch, supplying power over Ethernet for the cameras.

The bundle is now available and comes in three different sizes—small, medium, and large—depending on the size of tjhe setup and the amount of performers that need to be tracked. To enable real-time markerless motion capture with the Invisible solution, a minimum of one disguise vx or gx machine is also needed for graphics processing and one disguise rx II for real-time rendering.

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