DeCoded: Vizrt on Viz Arena 5.2 - LAVNCH [CODE]

DeCoded: Vizrt on Viz Arena 5.2

On this episode of LAVNCH [CODE] DeCoded, Ulrich Voigt from Vizrt discusses the company’s latest hyper-real 3D graphics solution for augmented reality (AR) experiences, Viz Arena 5.2.

90% of the world’s largest businesses are shifting to the cloud, and broadcasters and media organizations are embracing cloud production rapidly. Bringing together advanced AR graphics and the cloud adds agility, creativity, and flexibility to content creators. Vizrt launched Viz Arena 5.2, the latest live production solution to be added to Viz Now.

Powered by Viz Engine 5, Viz Arena 5.2, is the first live hyper-real 3D graphics and virtual ads solution to provide customers with a premium AR experience in the cloud, according to the company.

Viz Now enables easy deployment of 4K switching, broadcast-quality overlay graphics, audio mixing, intercom, and—with the release of Viz Arena 5.2—AR graphics, seamlessly at the click of a button, and in under 15 minutes.

Vizrt claims Viz Arena sets a new standard for cloud-based production efficiency, simplicity, and speed. Effortless insertion of live AR graphics, unrivaled live image-based camera tracking, and advanced AI keying means sports broadcasters and rightsholders are up and running in minutes.

In addition to cloud support, Viz Arena can also be deployed on-premises, so users always have the choice of selecting the optimal production workflow.

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