DeCoded: Telecine Engages Customers with Digital Signage Content

DeCoded: Telecine Engages Customers with Digital Signage Content

On this episode of LAVNCH [CODE] DeCoded, Justin Lachovsky of Telecine talks all about the company’s three new products—starting with FinFacts, its latest content library with FDIC-approved messages for banks. Then, we jump into all about smart buildings and how Air Quality and LifeStyle—also new offerings from Telecine—are improving lives in both commercial and residential spaces.


Raise the banking and financial literacy of your customers, right inside your branches, with a series of relevant but timeless animated content sequences for digital signage and other messaging platforms. Money Matters is a ready-to-use library you can subscribe to, built around everyday banking information and advice. All of the content is adapted from FDIC material, fully appropriate and approved for bank marketing and communications.

Air Quality

Provide those who work in or visit your building with an automated, sensor-driven content feed on information screens that show the real-time state of air quality, across multiple indicators—from temperature and humidity to carbon dioxide and particulates levels. Dynamic, templated digital charts that both show and explain current conditions in simple, at-a-glance graphics, based on data from indoor air quality sensors.


Weather reports and forecasts are ever-present, but what about forecasts and indices built around what it means for viewer lifestyles and health? How about an hourly forecast of running conditions, based on heat, rain and air pollution readings in the area? What about an index for recreational sailors, built around temperatures and conditions, but also wind and tidal times? These auto-updated, customizable subscription feeds are meant as light-hearted complements to familiar weather services provided by multiple resources, not as replacements. But the information is just as timely, built around “mash-ups” of data from trusted resources like national weather services.

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