DeCoded: DSE 2022 on Integrated Brand Experiences - LAVNCH [CODE]

DeCoded: DSE 2022 on Integrated Brand Experiences

On this episode of LAVNCH [CODE] DeCoded, Marcos Terenzio of iGotcha Media shares his insights on “Integrated Brand Experiences: The Future of Retail is Now” ahead of his DSE 2022 session.

Retail brands face the largest disruption in history. The luxury retail category is among the most competitive, tasked with defining the future of retail. Brands will no longer win solely on badge value. They must connect emotionally in order to create brand advocates that will define their brand essence. But how do you do this? Marcos Terenzio, VP creative & strategy at iGotcha Media, will discuss the evolving role and importance of digital experience within physical retail, and how it will help win back brand advocacy. Innovation is a function of discontinuity, and we are experiencing the biggest disruption yet. Earning brand loyalty and advocacy is going to be harder than ever. Terenzio will discuss how to create emotional connections with consumers through immersive storytelling and highlight how we created a show-stopping experience as part of a new global launch for one of the largest luxury retail brands in Canada, Canada Goose. 

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