DeCoded: DSE 2022 on Fresh Content - LAVNCH [CODE]

DeCoded: DSE 2022 on Fresh Content

On this episode of LAVNCH [CODE] DeCoded, Abigail Honor of Lorem Ipsum shares her insights on “The Latest Sources for Fresh Content” ahead of her DSE 2022 session.

As anyone who has deployed digital signage will tell you, you can have amazing screen technology and placement but if you don’t have great content and a content plan to go with all that technology, your deployment will not live up to its potential. Content comes in a wide range of forms and sources, such as informational, promotional, social, experiential, interactive, entertainment, and ambient. This panel of experts will explain what content works in which environments, how to find and create content and best uses of that content.

To learn more about this DSE 2022 session, click here. Use code “RAVEGIFT” during registration for a free exhibit hall pass.

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