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DeCoded: Britt Mier y Terán on Web3

On this episode of LAVNCH [CODE] DeCoded, Britt Mier y Terán gives a crash course in the Web3 security issues AV pros need to think about, and what to do about them.

The AV industry has arrived on the shores of Web3. Clients are storing crypto assets on their networks, displaying NFTs in their homes and facilities, using cryptocurrency for cross-border payments, using blockchain to manage their supply chain, and more. The rise of Web3 puts AV pros in contact with digital assets that are both highly valuable and incredibly vulnerable.

But wait— isn’t blockchain supposed to be highly secure? Tamper-proof and unhackable, even? If only. Malicious “smart contracts” and other crypto scams are on the rise, draining users’ cryptocurrency funds and swiping NFTs worth six figures right out of their supposedly secure wallets. In 2022 alone, investors lost an estimated $3.8B to crypto scams, and that only counts intentional malice. It’s also breathtakingly easy to lose blockchain assets through simple human error: accidentally sent millions of dollars in assets to the wrong address last year—TWICE.

It’s a daunting landscape. Luckily, Mier y Terán is here to light the way for the industry. She’s a former CES Woman to Watch; now, she’s head of business development for Harpie, the world’s first and only blockchain firewall. Mier y Terán works on all sides of the issue—she helps individuals figure out how to trade on Web3 safely, helps businesses follow best practices for enabling crypto payments, and advises organizations on enterprise-grade crypto security.

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