d&b Collaborates with EntertainmentLAB to Mentor Startups

d&b Collaborates with EntertainmentLAB to Mentor Startups

d&b group has signed a partnership with EntertainmentLAB, a recently launched Belgian innovation program for startups in the entertainment industry. By sponsoring the initiative, d&b says it will provide guidance and foster innovative ways to increase audience interactions in mass-event experiences.

d&b Collaborates with EntertainmentLAB to Mentor StartupsEntertainmentLAB is an initiative of Flanders Technology & Innovation (FTI) and Startup.Flanders with the support of Tomorrowland. Together with corporate partners d&b, Brussels Airport, and Telenet, they address three Challenges within the entertainment industry: Circularity and Recycling, Immersive Experiences, and Crowd Monitoring.

d&b will sponsor the Immersive Experiences Challenge, taking startups through an exploration journey to find solutions to empower crowds and give them a more active role in large-scale event experiences.

“We have seen it become the norm for audiences to capture experiences on their mobile devices, but what if we could make them more of an active part of the performance through those devices, or personalize the experience for them? With the rise of AR [augmented reality], next-level mobile apps, smart glasses, and other advanced wearables, a world of new creative possibilities has opened up, and we worked with the next-generation of creators to make this a reality,” said Andy Hook, technical solutions director at d&b solutions.

“We can nowadays integrate cutting-edge technology and creative design to craft stunning content that audiences can experience live in concert venues, theaters, or even on their personal devices in real-time. We are happy to partner with d&b to help us understand and shape the future of immersive experiences,” added Joy Donné, CEO of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT).

Startups from around the world can apply for the three EntertainmentLAB challenges until November 17. Then, from January 2024 onwards, startups selected for the Immersive Experience Challenge will work alongside an expert team from d&b, in the creation of a proof-of-concept of their innovation.

“Key specifications we looked for in potential participants were skill sets such as real-time gaming engines, cloud computing or rendering, crowd-sentiment analysis, AI-based content generation, or integration of personal mobile devices with festival stage audio, video, light, and media technology,” concluded Florian Platt, senior manager, corporate development at d&b. “Most important for us, though, is to find a tech-savvy and passionate team of agile-thinking explorers who were keen to push their limits to develop the best possible solution out there.”

For further information about EntertainmentLAB, its challenges, and the selection process, visit entertainmentlab.be.

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