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Daktronics Transparent Display Install Wows in Utah

A new freeform LED display at Security National Financial Corporation in Murray, UT, has been manufactured and installed by Daktronics in partnership with YESCO. The more than 75% semi-transparent display sits atop the south side of the building and angles the east at the very end of the installation.

“We are excited to complete this media wall project for Security National as it will be one of the first transparent displays in the city,” said Ben Olson, account executive at YESCO.

The first and largest freeform LED display in Salt Lake County along the I-15 corridor and second largest freeform display in the state—according to Daktronics—measures 21 ft. tall by 86 ft. wide and features 25-mm pixel spacing to deliver visual imagery to passersby. It incorporates 131 horizontal rows and 1,040 vertical columns which allow light to pass through the display and into the windows behind the installation while projecting imagery outward.

Watch the video below to see more of this digital signage installation.

Employees and patrons inside the building will also be able to look outward through the display and view the local landscape. In total, the project took roughly 800 person-hours to complete.

“This project continues to strengthen our partnership with YESCO through a custom LED application,” concluded Derek Dorow, Daktronics project manager. “We were able to draw on our experience with freeform LED applications and unique installation methods. Using past installations, we were able to provide a visual walkthrough to the customer, along with design criterion for YESCO’s engineering team. Our engineering teams’ early collaboration enabled our field team an effective and efficient installation that resulted in a great looking display.”

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