Daktronics Tech at the Center of All-Star Game at Allianz Field

Daktronics Tech at the Center of All-Star Game at Allianz Field

When professional soccer stars take the pitch for the All-Star Game at Minnesota United FC’s Allianz Field tonight, Daktronics will be supporting the match with the company’s LED displays as well as its latest soccer-specific control software, All Sport Pro Soccer. The company says this solution allows operators to quickly and easily share another level of data on video displays to support the overall production and match-day experience for soccer fans, players, and coaches.

Daktronics LED displays at Allianz Field

Daktronics LED displays at Allianz Field.

“Supporting the largest sporting events on the largest stages is something we’re used to at Daktronics, and featuring our latest control upgrades for soccer at the All-Star Game is something we’re very proud to see happen,” said Jay Parker, vice president of live events and spectaculars, Daktronics. “We’re looking forward to an exciting match at Allianz Field, which is an amazing venue, and to seeing the production deliver a next-level atmosphere for fans to enjoy the best players in the league compete.”

The All Sport Pro Soccer software brings video display and scoring control on a single device and integrates with Show Control for a flexible game-day production capability at Allianz Field. The software provides roster management, shootout user interface, data integration, and match summary information.

All Sport Pro Soccer can be used at all levels of play. It can be run through the Show Control computer or a connected client device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Daktronics says Show Control is flexible, powerful, and proven in the live events industry as an easy-to-use system that supports productions of any size, including professional soccer’s All-Star Game.

Watch the video below to learn more about the game-day production capabilities being used at the stadium.

For more information on Daktronics All Sport Pro Soccer, click here.

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