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Daktronics Teams Up with In Our Backyard to Fight Human Trafficking

A national anti-human trafficking nonprofit In Our Backyard (IOB) teamed up with Daktronics, law enforcement, government agencies, and others to raise awareness and fight human trafficking surrounding the Super Bowl host city, Inglewood, CA.

In Our Backyard LogoIn support of IOB’s efforts to raise awareness in the Super Bowl host city, Daktronics created a library of digital Freedom Sticker signage for convenience stores and businesses.

“In this important effort, anti-human trafficking content is just one way business owners can use their digital signage to support their community,” said Jess Bern, strategic marketing for Daktronics.

IOB’s volunteer efforts on the ground empowered convenience store employees with information and resources to watch for and safely report signs of human trafficking. One volunteer reported, “I just knew something was off. That young girl needed help, but she was watched. We made a report instantly, and the store manager was so thankful we helped him understand there was a hotline he could report to.”

Lamar Advertising Company also donated a billboard featuring the National Human Trafficking hotline, raising awareness to more than 220,000 drivers per day in the LA area.

Within one week of the big game, 17 of the 36 children posted in the IOB Missing Children Booklets were recovered through collaborative efforts with law enforcement and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department reported 183 arrests of alleged sex buyers and 30 suspected traffickers, as well as 65 adults and seven minors recovered.

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