Daktronics Showcases Convenience Store Trends at NACS

Daktronics Showcases Convenience Store Trends at NACS

Convenience stores around the United States are looking for new ways to improve the customer experience and increase sales. One solution that’s trending is digital drive-thru displays. Convenience stores interested in this technology can see it in person at the Daktronics Booth 5966 at NACS October 1-4 in Las Vegas.

Daktronics at NACS 2022“Convenience stores that want to expand sales of their food service program can benefit from digital drive-thru menu boards,” said Daktronics marketing strategist Jess Bern. “Daktronics has provided indoor and outdoor digital signage in the c-store industry for many years, and we are excited to provide the new drive-thru solution. At NACS, we are giving people in the industry a chance to see it in person before they invest in the technology.”

While the convenience store drive-thru is a fairly new concept, there are some large chains experimenting with it in the push to drive more business. Rather than simply filling their cars, customers can benefit from the convenience of a drive-thru.

Digital drive-thru boards are only the latest in the digital offerings from Daktronics; the company says convenience stores benefit from complete digital solutions, including Fuelight petroleum displays, streetside Galaxy LED displays, indoor LED and LCD signs, Venus Control Suite software for simple content control, and more.

Using Digital Signage to Raise Awareness

Convenience stores with digital signs can use them for more than increasing revenue. They can also provide messaging and services to their communities with local alerts such as emergencies, disasters, and missing children.

At NACS 2021, Daktronics formed a partnership with the organization Human Trafficking: In Our Backyard. To help their efforts to raise awareness and recover missing children, Daktronics created free content for any business with a digital sign, whether or not that sign is from Daktronics.

C-stores that want to make a difference in their communities can learn how to download this digital content in the Daktronics booth at NACS 2022. They can also pick up materials about joining more than 30,000 convenience stores supporting the In Our Backyard organization. Learn more at https://inourbackyard.org/our-impact/convenience-stores-against-trafficking/#partner, or contact Child Trafficking Survivor and executive director Cheryl Csiky at Cheryl@inourbackyard.org.

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