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CrimsonAV Creates LED Experts Group

CrimsonAV has added what it’s dubbed the “LED Experts Group” to its business to assist integrators and AV designers with selecting the right dvLED for their projects. The group will offer a wide range of indoor/outdoor products suitable for applications of all sectors and sizes.

LED ExpertsGroup logo CrimsonAV“Last year we brought on Larry Drum, and he’s been a real catalyst in developing the LED Experts Group offering,” said William Bear, VP of sales and marketing at CrimsonAV. “We’ve vetted over 40 different LED manufacturers to find sources that offer both quality and superior performance. We’ve done the homework for our customer, and aim to provide expertise on buying, designing, and a deep understanding of the characteristics of LED displays.”

“LED should be as simple as 1-2-3 once you talk with us,” added Larry Drum, national sales manager for CrimsonAV. “Our goal is to simplify the LED buying process and help bring projects in on time, under budget, and the proven results that will make an impression. And because we’ve done all the product research with our proprietary vetted partner approach, you can be confident that the options available will be a perfect fit for your project.”

The LED Expert Group offers design and application engineering, content creation, installation, and financial services, creating a one-stop shop, according to the company. Click here for more information about the LED Experts Group from CrimsonAV.

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