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CompTIA Publishes Report on AI Best Practices

CompTIA has published a new report, AI Best Practices for Business Decision Makers and Practitioners. The guide, which was developed by the CompTIA Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council, provides industry insights on pain points and best practices associated with leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) solutions within a business or organization.

CompTIA AI Best Practices Report 2022The new guide is organized into best practices for two types of professionals who are frequently involved in the adoption and integration of AI technologies: decision makers and practitioners. Decision makers include executives and business unit leaders who are concerned with big-picture organizational goals. They want to know how AI can improve efficiencies and create a health return on investment. Practitioners are on the front lines implementing AI solutions to ensure organizational goals are met. These professionals are the data scientists, data analysts, data engineers, and machine learning architects.

“AI functionality is being integrated into almost any mission-critical application,” said Rama Akkiraju, chair of the AI Advisory Council, IBM Fellow and CTO AIOps at IBM. “Business leaders and practitioners need to know not only how to leverage AI, but also where and when it makes the most sense. We developed this guide to walk both parties through the process to help them successfully leverage AI technology in their organizations.”

As new AI technologies and applications are researched and developed, pain points may dissolve while best practices continue to evolve. This guide reflects the current understanding and landscape of available AI approaches and should be interpreted within that context.

The members of CompTIA’s AI Advisory Council work together to develop innovative strategies and resources that help companies explore, create, deliver, and support AI business opportunities across all industries and market segments.

“Our Artificial Intelligence Advisory Council is a group of thought leaders and innovators committed to accelerating the adoption of AI and machine learning technologies,” said Deborah Schildkraut, vice president, member engagement at CompTIA. “We are thrilled that our councils can produce helpful resources like this, providing value to our members and the industry. As more companies explore the viability of adding artificial intelligence into their business processes, this new resource provides practical insights to help in the decision-making process.”

Click here to download a copy of the guide from CompTIA.

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