Brompton to Showcase Virtual Production Innovations at NAB Show 2022

Brompton Technology to Showcase Virtual Production Innovations at NAB Show 2022

Brompton Technology will be exhibiting at the 2022 NAB Show in Booth N7125. The company plans on showcasing it Tessera processors, which it says unlock new levels of visual performance from LED panels, and innovative features in its accompanying Tessera software provide greater creative flexibility on set.

Brompton Virtual Production Capabilities

At NAB Show 2022, Brompton will showcase a host of its virtual production solutions.

Brompton will be demonstrating its range of processors and features for virtual production with one full LED wall and two additional demo screens, all comprised of ROE Black Pearl BP2 panels. The main LED wall will be powered by Brompton’s Tessera SX40 and S8 processors and will highlight Brompton’s Frame Remapping—a feature that enables multiple cameras to shoot different content on the same LED screen simultaneously, thereby facilitating multi-camera shoots in virtual production.

Frame Remapping enables each camera to see and capture a uniquely rendered virtual background with the correct perspective, and can also allow two cameras to simultaneously capture a virtual background and a green screen. This gives creative teams the accurate light and shadows and believable interaction with on-screen content as afforded by virtual production, as well as the benefits of green screen, such as the freedom to add elements in post-production. While these processes used to require two separate shoots, Frame Remapping allows them to be combined all in one take.

“Our goal at Brompton is to develop virtual production solutions that meet filmmakers where they are, so that they can achieve their artistic visions without feeling limited or slowed down by the technology,” said Sean Sheridan, regional technology manager (Americas), Brompton Technology. “We’re thrilled to exhibit at NAB Show for the first time this year and to showcase the latest advancements in virtual production and LED processing hardware and software.”

Brompton will also be showcasing additional Tessera software features including:

  • Live color grading on the LED wall with 3D LUT import and integrations with Pomfort Livegrade and Assimilate LiveLooks
  • Previously unattainable levels of brightness and color saturation on LED panels with Dynamic Calibration
  • Support for display of HDR content and for all common color spaces, including support for the ACEScg color gamut
  • ShutterSync, which lets users tune the LED refresh to the camera (instead of the other way around) for the first time, giving control back to the cinematographer
  • Operating Modes, enabling multiple configurations on the same panel to help filmmakers meet the unique needs of each production
  • Support for on-screen camera tracking markers

To see Brompton’s virtual production technology in action, visit the company in Booth N7125 at the 2022 NAB Show.

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