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Brainstorm Upgrades Edison to 5.1

Brainstorm is releasing version 5.1 of Edison, its application for producing live, immersive virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR) presentations for any kind of application. This new version builds on version 5, introduced at NAB Show 2022, to further improve the product’s features and simplicity of use.

Brainstorm Edison 5.1

Brainstorm Edison 5.1

“Edison is the culmination of decades of development in real-time 3D graphics, AR, and virtual sets,” said Ricasrdo Montesa, Brainstorm’s CEO and founder. “It benefits from the extensive expertise Brainstorm enjoys in these fields and applies advanced technologies to allow any kind of user for creating eye-catching live or online presentations and videos starting from a PPT presentation, and regardless their expertise in virtual or augmented reality environments.”

Edison PRO can create immersive live presentations that include PowerPoint slides, live or recorded video feeds, images or 3D objects that can be included in 3D virtual sets—even created with Unreal Engine—as part of the scene. These presentations and objects can be also inserted in pre-recorded movies with tracking information. Edison PRO also benefits from some features introduced in Suite 5.1, such as the differential chroma keyer and NDI improvements. Edison 5.1 allows to use Unreal Engine objects as slides to use them as part of the presentation, even showing them as full screen AR objects.

These features are further enhanced by using EdisonGO, which adds the capability to use a live, tracked video feed, coming from an iPhone Pro or iPad Pro and tracked with their LIDAR, as the background for the presentation, in real time, sending video and tracking information via NDI. This allows to capture a scene with a presenter in any place and add a real-time presentation as a live, in-context, augmented reality, which seamlessly follows the movements of the camera. EdisonGO helps simplifying the setups especially in mobile and non-professional environments, without compromising the features of Edison PRO, unleashing the AR capabilities of Edison by easily including AR elements in live presentations or feeds.

On top of that, Brainstorm has announced the availability of the Edison Unreal Control software on the Unreal Marketplace in Q4. This will allow any content creator to control Unreal’s scenes, objects and properties directly from the interface of Edison.

Brainstorm will also reinforce the Creators Program, introduced at NAB 2022, with which Edison PRO users can access a wider range of highly immersive 3D material sold directly from the Unreal Marketplace like any other Unreal Engine asset.

Brainstorm’s Edison 5.1 can be viewed at IBC 2022 on Stand 7.B01.

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