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BAM! Marketing and Kore Media Join Forces

BAM! Marketing & PR and Kore Media have teamed up to deliver website design, development, and SEO services tailored specifically for the AV industry.

BAM! Marketing and Kore Media partnershipThis partnership “brings together the creative superpowers of BAM Marketing & PR and the technological finesse of Kore Media, resulting in a supercharged offering that will propel AV businesses to new heights,” according to the companies.

“BAM! has been working with the Kore Media team on several website projects. We partnered with Kore as they really understand that to ignite your digital presence, companies must have not only a visually appealing storefront (website), but it must be strategically optimized and functional. We love that Kore can revamp a website to make it more functional. Dominating search engines and making content updates has become more efficient for BAM to manage once Kore has optimized our clients’ sites. This partnership is more than the sum of its parts,” said Brandy Alvarado-Miranda, CEO of BAM Marketing & PR. “We’re merging our strengths to empower businesses within the AV and digital signage industries with tools that complement our digital marketing and PR services to drive engagement and captivate audiences.”

“We love working with BAM’s clients, and have several projects underway that are sure to inspire others in the space to take stock in their brands. Just like a superhero duo, our collaboration blends creativity and technology, resulting in websites that inspire and engage,” added Igor Yadgarov, president and CEO of Kore Media. “Our SEO and branding prowess will ensure these websites perform at their peak in the digital realm. But the partnership doesn’t end there. Just as superheroes tackle multifaceted challenges, BAM and Kore Media are committed to ensuring that these websites are discoverable in the vast digital landscape. Through advanced SEO strategies, we propel websites to the forefront of search engine results, ensuring visibility.”

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