AV Stumpfl to Present New Innovations at ISE 2023

AV Stumpfl to Present New Innovations at ISE 2023

AV Stumpfl will present its new AnyShape projection screen system and PIXERA multi-user workflow features at the upcoming ISE show in Barcelona.

AnyShape technology makes it possible to order custom built projection screens with a great variety of different frame shapes straight from the factory. The ability to build frame shapes that are not rectangular—like circles, rounded edges, or semi circles—can revolutionize the way in which designers creatively use projection surfaces, according to the company.

AV Stumpfl’s global business development manager for screens, Jan Walter, explained the characteristics of AnyShape technology: “It’s really a paradigm shift. Instead of only thinking in terms of the projected content first, now the projection surface itself can be the starting point of a creative idea. Whether triangles, donut shapes, or similar designs, we can now offer a lot of different types of custom frames, thanks to AnyShape. If you can visualize it, there‘s a good chance we can build it.“

In addition to showcasing AnyShape, AV Stumpfl will also present its AT64-SHIFT and T32-SHIFT screen system legs. The SHIFT screen products make it possible to assemble a mobile projection screen in a matter of minutes and to adjust its height in just a few seconds, says the company.

Watch the video below to learn more about the AT64-SHIFT.

Plus, the latest PIXERA developments presented at ISE for the first time. The new multi-user workflow features will allow media server operators to be much more flexible and efficient when working on complex installations or show environments. Multiple PIXERA director licenses can now be synched, with users being able to choose between different levels of granularity when working within a multi-user scenario.

Complete projects can be shared in real-time, or alternatively single project parts like warping or timelines. Should they wish to, users can also choose to share every single editing action among the connected systems.

PIXERA executive director Harry Gladow commented on the real-life impact the new multi-user workflow features will have: “The ability to flexibly share project tasks among multiple users simultaneously is a great advantage and saves valuable time. One operator can be in charge of programming the main timeline, another can handle the live-inputs, and yet another operator might take care of the general content handling. All working at the same time. For many projects, this will be a quantum leap in terms of efficiency.”

Building on the technology developed for the new multi-user features, the PIXERA team will also introduce additional backup solutions at ISE. Visitors will also be able to discover the latest PIXERA control features, which include tracking modules and a new preset module.

Watch the video below to learn more about the PIXERA control.

In terms of hardware, AV Stumpfl will present its PIXERA four media server at ISE. The powerful system is perfect for highly demanding real-time graphics applications and broadcast setups. 12G-SDI I/O support, a 10 GB/s default data read rate, and five configurable PCI 4.0 slots are some of the key system features of AV Stumpfl’s new high end server for 4K and 8K playback.

Watch the video below to learn more about the PIXERA four media server.

AV Stumpfl GmbH will exhibit at the ISE 2023 in Booth 3B600.

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