ARwall Launches Virtual Production Suite for Creators

ARwall Launches Virtual Production Suite for Creators

ARwall has unveiled its new eCommerce platform dedicated to virtual production. The same tools developed on projects for Disney, The Muppet Studios, WB Discovery, CBS, Netflix, and more, are now available on ARwall’s website for purchase or subscription.

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ARwall’s technology is created by a team of indie filmmakers and XR leaders who desire to lower the barrier to entry for creators by providing accessible tools available via the company’s new eCommerce site.

Created by filmmakers for filmmakers, the suite delivers for rigorous studio projects as a way to help the operator cut time on-set, unify rehearsal and production workflows, and automate repetitive tasks. ARFX Pro, ARFX Launcher, and ARFX Lens make up the creative suite built natively for in-camera effects and extended reality (XR) filmmaking—requiring no scripting or 3D design experience.

Some of the products available on the site include:

  • ARFX Launcher, $ 999-lifetime license. An easy-to-use software that comes with 100+ backdrops compatible with any 4KTV or projector for XR shoots.
  • ARFX Pro Plugin, $599/month or $6,000/year. A plugin and calibration solution that streamlines all virtual production settings from Unreal Editor into one place, without the need for scripting or programming
  • ARFX Lens, $12,500. A plug-and-play lens emulation solution developed in partnership with Canon and Butcher Bird Studios that enables users to adjust the focus and zoom of both a physical and virtual lens in realtime for XR, augmented reality (AR), and greenscreens.

Watch the video below to learn more about ARwall ARFX Lens.

“We’ve had conversations with a lot of young filmmakers looking to use virtual production. However, the solutions available have only been relevant to maybe 500 filmmakers who can afford the tech stack and team to run the technology as it was popularized in 2018,” said Rene Amador, CEO and co-founder of ARwall. “One of the main hurdles to adoption is the tools were developed originally for live events or game development, not filmmaking. We’re hoping to update the entire philosophy of virtual production to 2022 with ARFX being what we’re calling the ‘native, in-camera effects suite’ for XR filmmaking.”

To learn more about the company’s suite of virtual production products, click here.

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