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AOTO Launches All-in-One DOOH LED Display

AOTO Electronics has officially launched the ExLF Series, a newly developed LED display series, which is specially designed for outdoor advertising applications target to the global market.

AOTO ExLF SeriesAccording to a statement from the company, “In the case of LED advertising displays mounted on a pole, the all-in-one modular LED screens are undoubtedly the best choice offered. In reality, the design of the ExLF series was created with the goal of constructing an LED billboard as quickly and conveniently as possible in order to accelerate project construction while saving time and money on labor costs.”

The ExLF Series features a cabinet size of 2 sqm that measures 1.728m in length and 1.152m in width. It has an 82mm thickness and weights 35kg per square meter, allowing it to offer a clean and slim outdoor digital screen.

For some street pole billboards, a single LED cabinet can be used to create one electronic advertising medium, which can be quickly installed through a fixation hole—eliminating the need for an external panel assembly.

ExLF series can be fully maintenanced from the front, making it easier to repair or replace faulty diodes, modules, masks, receiving cards, hub boards, power supply, and other components.

“We always producing displays that are durable, reliable, vibrant. The ExLF series was created with a high contrast ratio in order to achieve a delicate visual effect. The accurate advertisement is delivered by the use of excellent color reproduction technology, which makes the use of glasses-free 3D possible on digital media,” said the AOTO statement. “ExLF series are engineered and manufactured under the strict standards and finest materials was applied ensure the best visual quality as well as the longest guaranteed life of the LED display. Product design also at the highest level ensures that the entire screen meets the highest EMC standard.”

ExLF series outdoor LED screens are available in several pixel pitch, it offer a wide viewing angle and high brightness to make the image visible even in full sunlight.

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