2022 Out of This World Experiences Awards Winners

Announcing the 2022 Out of This World Experiences Awards Winners

We’re thrilled to announce the winners of LAVNCH [CODE]’s inaugural Out of This World Experiences Awards (OoTWEA).

This year, we have three amazing winners and two honorable mentions. These stunning installations were chosen from nearly 20 finalists via a vote by you, our readers.

2022 Out of This World Experiences Awards Winners

Here at LAVNCH [CODE], we’re big fans of creative uses of technologies—the ones that make make you say “WOW!” as your jaw drops. The OoTWEA winners do just that.

The winners are (in alphabetical order)… drumroll please …

Homebody at Ciel Creative Spaces

Homebody at Ceil Creative SpacesIntegrator: A3 Visual, Craig Winslow Studio

Submitted by: Epson

Why It’s Out of This World: Homebody was a truly dynamic and immersive experience. Translucent floor-to-ceiling installations played with themes of transparency, light, color, and space. Visitors stepped into a full 360 experience, brought to dynamic life by projection mapping and augmented reality activated on smart devices. The team used Epson LightScene and Pro Series 3LCD projectors in the three main installations—Isolation, Collaboration, and Chrysalis—throughout the space, along with some other areas to add illumination effects. Hueman collaborated with projection designer Craig Winslow on these new experiential artworks and Sean Mason from A3 Visual provided systems integration to create the experience hosted at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, CA. Hueman’s exhibit was an example of how projection technology can expand possibilities and applications to create an immersive art experience.

Museum of the Future

Museum of the FutureIntegrator: AVI-SPL

Submitted by: AVI-SPL

Why It’s Out of This World: The Museum of the Future captivates people around the world through its digital promotions. In person, it welcomes people to see, touch, and explore the challenges and opportunities that shape the future of Earth and beyond. Technology is central to this mission. The immersive exhibits installed by AVI-SPL integrate space, content, and technology to create interactive storytelling experiences that spark wonder in audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors engage with an array of next-generation technologies, including massive projection walls, augmented reality, multi-sensory exhibits, and human-machine interaction. An AI-powered digital guide welcomes guests via an expansive 3 x 3 meter LED screen. The Sand Bath installation offers a unique sensory experience shaped by vibration, light, and water. An interactive projection on the floor simulates sand and wind conforming to visitors’ movement within the space. A stunning installation of a 21 x 4 meter screen with 14 rear projectors simulates a near-Earth orbit station that transports visitors into both space and the future and delivers a truly out-of-this-world experience.

Click here to watch a video of this installation.

Verizon The Hub Innovation Center

Verizon The Hub Innovation CenterIntegrator: AVI-SPL

Submitted by: Nanolumens

Why It’s Out of This World: The Verizon Innovation Hub is a direct result of an architect asking if something unique can be accomplished with a piece of technology. The concept was to have a main 16:9 display that splayed out from the main display to create an industrial, deconstructed, video wall display that looked like a circuit board. It needed to have a clean aesthetic, but also seem industrial with parts and cabling exposed—like a TV had intentionally exploded. The Verizon Hub project utilized Nanolumens’ 1.5mm Nixel in an array that was approximately 17.85-ft. wide x 12.6-ft. tall. The main video wall section is 16:9, as were each of the circuit-board style “wings”. And although it has been some time since Nanolumens used 9mm LED panels indoors, they also provided a ceiling suspended video wall overhead above this main video wall. This was more of a lighting feature to create ambience in the space. This video wall adds almost a diffused mirror effect of the larger curved display for the Innovation Center.

2022 Out of This World Experiences Awards Honorable Mentions

While we could only have three winners, there were two other outstanding installations that blew our readers away—so we gave them honorable mentions to recognize their creativity and hard work.

Illuminarium Experiences

Illuminarium ExperiencesIntegrator: Electrosonic

Submitted by: Panasonic

Why It’s Out of This World: Imagine the opportunity to see a lion up close—it’s an experience very few of us get, but one that’s now possible, thanks to WILD: The World’s First Virtual Safari. Within the immersive walls, made up of canvasses of 3 billion pixels, visitors can experience the African landscape, and digest the true scale of an elephant all with their own eyes, no virtual reality (VR) headset required. This installation provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for all visitors including students, teachers, families, and more. And the tech behind this experience is no less impressive. Combining extended reality (XR) and VR technology with projection mapping and sensory sound is the cutting edge of immersive experiences, with this installation leading the way for the future of entertainment.


TK Elevator North American HQ

TK Elevator North American HQIntegrator: AVI-SPL

Submitted by: Nanolumens

Why It’s Out of This World: Elevator industry leader, TK Elevator’s motto is “Move beyond”. This slogan encapsulates the development of their new North American headquarters perfectly as this state-of-the-art innovation center and campus moves beyond conformity to break barriers. Nanolumens collaborated with the Brand Design division of Gensler Architecture to outfit both the interior and exterior of TKE’s new 420-foot-tall Innovation and Qualification Center (IQC), with digital canvases befitting the tallest elevator test tower in North America. The concept was a digital display that could be seen from the outside of the building, but would not disturb those working inside. The TK Elevator project features an 11,000 sq. ft. CLRVU LED mesh display on the exterior of the building, as well as a four-sided “virtual elevator”, state-of-the-art elevator test tower, and digital showroom inside the Innovation and Qualification Center (IQC). The exterior display shows bright during the day and at night with LED mesh running 100-ft. long by 85-ft. wide on the east side and wrapping another 15 ft. on the building’s north and south elevations. The CLRVU Mesh allows IQC visitors to have unobstructed views of the city through the mesh, while allowing for dynamic media to be displayed on the exterior of the building. Nanolumens’ CLRVU display, with 2.4-million-pixel virtual resolution, illuminates The Battery Atlanta with the TKE logo, brand messaging and animations.

Congrats to the Out of This World Experiences Awards Winners

Congratulation to all of our OoTWEA winners! We look forward to seeing more stunning installations from you and your teams in the future.

And thank you to our readers for taking the time to carefully select the 2022 OoTWEA winners and honorable mentions.

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