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AIMS Welcomes New Members

The Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS) has added three new members: Brompton Technology, Nextera Video, and ProITAV USA.

AIMS Logo“We are thrilled to welcome Brompton Technology, Nextera Video, and ProITAV as the newest AIMS members,” said Andrew Starks, an AIMS board of directors member and director of product management for Macnica. “With their extensive experience, these companies will help us continue to drive the adoption of IP and our IPMX proposed set of open standards and specifications in new markets.”

“IP video has the potential to revolutionize workflows both as a means to cope with ever increasing resolutions but also offering new creative flexibility,” said Adrian Jeakins, director of engineering, Brompton Technology. “The work AIMS is doing with the IMPX standards is key to fulfilling this promise by offering the power and flexibility needed for real world systems. We are very excited to join AIMS and contribute our expertise to a standard that will benefit the entire industry.”

“Our solution provides customers everything they need for turnkey AV-over-IP software including IPMX FPGA cores,” added Jed Deame, CEO of Nextera Video. “Now that we have begun to offer our customers the chance to IPMX-enable their products, joining AIMS was an easy decision. We look forward to combining our efforts and expertise to further support our customers’ needs, and further the adoption of IPMX within the industry.”

“As a manufacturer, ProITAV has the ability to work with customers to create completely customized solutions that help build strong, sustainable relationships throughout the industry,” concluded Keith Kennedy, managing director at ProITAV USA. “With years of experience in AV installation, design, development, and manufacturing, our team is excited to join the alliance and work together to further serve our customers’ needs while conforming to leading industry standards.”

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