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AI Month 2023: AI and Digital Signage

AI Month 2023 AI and Digital Signage

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been helping advertisers use digital signage to both identify and target messages, but it can do so much more—and it will. The future of digital signage isn’t in the resolution of the content or the size of the image. And it’s certainly not going to be determined by the network we use to deliver messages to the audience for the signage network.

So, what is it?

AI, of course. In fact, AI can be used to match the content to the viewer demographic and drive a behavioral change—resulting in eyeballs on the display. And that’s just the beginning. AI can change the user interface depending on who’s driving the network. AI can be used to drive relevant content to the display. AI can be used to simplify data collection. And AI can ultimately be used for deep learning—meaning, one day, the digital signage network could completely operate itself.

How and where are the opportunities for AI in digital signage for the ProAV professional?

Find out in the first session of AI Month, sponsored by Sony, featuring Megan A. Dutta, Justin Lachovsky, and Jay Leedy.

Click the image below to watch the session.

AI and Digital Signage

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