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8th Wall Introduces Reality Engine for the Metaverse

8th Wall has announced the all-new 8th Wall Reality Engine, a platform that allows users to build a web-based augmented reality project once and deploy it everywhere—from iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers to virtual reality and augmented reality headworn devices. 

Watch the video to learn more about the 8th Wall Reality Engine.

Reality Engine is a completely rebuilt version of the 8th Wall AR Engine which has powered over 50,000 web apps since its launch in 2019. 8th Wall says its AR Engine has “made the web a powerful place for smartphone-based augmented reality, giving its developers access to an estimated reach of 3.5 billion smartphones across iOS and Android, the widest reach of any augmented reality platform”. Today, the company’s new Reality Engine unlocks even more places to access and engage with immersive content, significantly expanding this reach without expanding the development time. With Reality Engine’s Metaversal Deployment, 8th Wall developers will now be able to create an 8th Wall WebAR project that automatically adapts from mobile devices to computers and headsets.

Users who access 8th Wall WebAR World Effects experiences today will now be able to engage with them in AR on mobile and smart glasses, 3D on computers, and VR on head-mounted displays. 8th Wall’s Reality Engine is designed to ensure the user gets the right experience based on the device they are on and will manage all of the mappings needed for a user to properly view, allowing interaction and engagement with the immersive content no matter what device they are on. 

At launch, 8th Wall’s Reality Engine has full support for WebAR World Effects created using three.js (release 125+) and A-Frame (release 1.1.0+), which are its most popular project types. The Reality Engine’s Metaversal Deployment capability is also optimized for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, desktop and laptop computers, Microsoft HoloLens, and Oculus Quest/Meta Quest. According to the company, it will be unlocking additional capabilities and optimizing for more devices as it executes on its product roadmap. The Reality Engine also continues to enable developers to create mobile-only WebAR World Effects, Face Effects, and Image Target experiences as they do today.  

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