5 Killer Quotes from Day 1 of Immerse Global Summit Miami

5 Killer Quotes from Day 1 of Immerse Global Summit Miami

Immerse Global Summit (IGS) kicked-off today in Miami, FL. One of the highlights of the event is a jam-packed education scheduled with a plethora of high-profile speakers.

Here are our favorite quotes from Day 1 of the event.

1. “Part of what we need to do is reinvent innovation. Web3 gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves. We can leverage technology to reinvent our lives.”

Amy Peck at IGS Miami

Amy Peck at Immerse Global Summit Miami.

This statement came from Amy Peck, CEO and founder of EndeavorXR, at Immerse Global Summit. Her presentation—titled “Will the Real Metaverse Please Stand Up?”—focused on creating strategies for the metaverse and Web3. During her presentation, Peck discussed meaningful programs that can tick the “We’re in the Metaverse” box like using NFTs as creative seeds and defining a deeper one-on-one relationship wi

2. “If we don’t show how the metaverse can get monetized right now, no one will fund it for investment.”

Jason McGuigan of Lenovo at Immerse Global Summit Miami

Jason McGuigan of Lenovo at Immerse Global Summit Miami.

This gem came from Jason McGuigan, head of commercial virtual reality at Lenovo, during his presentation titled “Choose your own Adventure: Journey into the Enterprise Metaverse” at Immerse Global Summit in Miami. McGuigan believes we are about 25 years away from having the Internet technology we need for the metaverse. However, he also said we need to figure out how the metaverse can be monetized immediately; if people don’t understand the ROI or ROO today, they won’t invest in the future tomorrow.

3. “Story living is a rising, interesting topic and it’s because it can be considered the highest level of engagement in an experience.”

Khalid Al Muawad of Midwam at IGS Miami

Khalid Al Muawad on stage at IGS Miami.

Khalid Al-Muawad, co-founder and CEO of Midwam, said this during his talk on story living at IGS Miami. Storytelling, Al-Muawad said, has always been a core part of the human experience, and, today, the rapid development of technology has allowed for immersive experiences to completely redefine how humans communicate stories with each other. His closing quote was also particularly impactful. “Dare to dream. A dream can be a reality,” he said.

4. “We’re in a place where innovation can start happening.”

Sara Allen at IGS Miami

Sara Allen speaking on a panel at Immerse Global Summit.

This was dropped by Sara Allen, EVP of global solutions at Brightline Interactive, during a panel discussion titled “Powering Immersive Experiences through 5G“. As part of her prediction for the next 5-10 years in terms of cloud computing and rendering things on the enge, Allen added “We’ll be able to do it in ways that will be really impactful to people and will be a part of their day. Whether it’s a volumetric of high fidelity 3D content or even voice, we’ll see just content everywhere. It’ll be funny in the beginning, and normalized later on as we go about our daily lives just as the internet does now.”

5. “Whether it’s clothing or furniture, I’m really looking forward to when the medium is the message—it’s not something that’s on your phone in 3D, or even a wearable, but really in your environment.”

Cynthia Maller at IGS Miami

Cynthia Maller at IGS Miami.

This excitement about the future of extended reality came from Cynthia Maller, head of 3D creative technology at Walmart. Maller was part of a panel titled “Moving from 2D to 3D: The Most Important Step Before Entering the Metaverse” at IGS Miami. Joined by other prominent companies on stage, Mallard and company discussed the future of 3D and other emerging technologies like digital twins, and the importance of engagement.

Immerse Global Summit is being held in Miami, FL, today through Wednesday. For more information about the event or to register, visit https://www.immerseglobalnetwork.com/.

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