Pexip simplifies complex video conferencing to empower teams to meet, regardless of location or technology. Our scalable, cloud-native platform enables high-quality video meetings, interoperability with Microsoft and Google solutions, and video system device registration. Customers can deploy Pexip on their own privately-hosted servers, in their cloud of choice (Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS), as a hybrid, or as a service. With a diverse set of APIs, Pexip can be customized to fit customers’ unique needs. The solution is sold through 300 channel partners in 75 countries and used in more than 190 countries.

Optimize your Enterprise Video Conferencing Strategy for the Post-COVID-19 Era

Jordan Owens

Optimize your Enterprise Video Conferencing Strategy for the Post-COVID-19 Era

When COVID-19 hit, many office workers were sent home en masse, forcing departments to quickly select collaboration tools to keep their teams connected while at home. Today, IT is left with the rubble, managing pockets of users with different tools in addition to legacy video systems. As a result, many have lost control over the security and cost of these disjointed tools, and they need a plan for the future. 

Frost and Sullivan expects that post-pandemic, the number of remote workers is likely to grow 6X over the pre-pandemic number to reach 30% of the global office worker population. Now is the time to build a long-term video conferencing strategy to meet the needs of users and IT teams. 

During this session we’ll discuss what IT leaders should consider as part of this plan, including:

  • Security and privacy of meeting solutions
  • Migrating to the cloud, and how to accelerate that journey
  • Data control and management
  • Maximizing existing investments in video conferencing
  • Scaling capacity to adapt to changing demand in response to pandemic needs
  • Optimizing your video conferencing architecture
  • Breaking down silos between collaboration tools so everyone can meet

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