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Sonarworks is the leading sound calibration company in the professional recording studio space. Our technology used in more than 70,000+ recording studios and more than 45 Grammy-award winning engineers recording A-list stars like Rihanna, Adele, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, etc are relying on Sonarworks tech. Now we are driving beyond the professional market and delivering individually perfected sound experiences for music lovers with SoundID.

We are backed by artists, creators, and music lovers all over the world. Why? Because we make sure the sound can be enjoyed to the max – listeners hear the same sound as the artist intended, personalized for one’s preference and hearing.

In terms of partnerships, SoundID can help your headphone brand, smartphone line, or streaming service stand out in terms of personal sound experience.

We believe in perfection. And perfect is personal.

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Janis Spogis

Partner, VP of Business Development | Sonarworks

US: +1 415 966 8702

EU: +371 29555544

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SoundID – Your Personalized Sound Profile
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SoundID – Your Personalized Sound Profile

Personalization done right. The only personalized sound technology that’s based on sound that artists heard in the studio and perfected for you.  Try it out now. Hearing is believing.