A Look Into the Past and a Glimpse Into the Future With XTEN-AV

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Join us for a LAVNCH & LEARN with XTEN-AV, the world’s first cloud-based software platform with artificial intelligence and machine learning to develop AV system designs based on AVIXA published standards and design guidelines.

Think you know what XTEN-AV is all about? Think again. The company has continued to impress us over the past year with its rapid updates, world-class software and dedication to customer satisfaction. During this LAVNCH & LEARN, XTEN-AV will cover Proposal 2.0; Search Sense, its augmented powerful search algorithm; X-DRAW settings and feature enhancements; other feature additions; and what’s next for the company. Register for the event today and discover the power of XTEN-AV.

You’ll hear from:

Vib SinghCo-Founder & CEO


Sahil DhingraCo-Founder & CEO


Gary Kayye Director & Co-Founder

The rAVe Agency

This event is now on-demand!

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