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AI-Powered AV Design Platform

June 10, 2021 | 2:00 p.m. EDT

XTEN-AV co-founders Sahil Dhingra and Vib Singh will join rAVe’s Gary Kayye for a LAVNCH & LEARN on June 10 at 2 p.m. EDT. XTEN-AV creates a unique value proposition for manufacturers to provide product information, and supports integrators through a simple and unique design and proposal tool. Join us to learn more about the four must-know features on the XTEN-AV platform:

  • Drawing and Editing — XTEN-AV’s drawing, editing and designer tools help you create in-depth systems-design drawings using leading manufacturer products.
  • Proposal 2.0 — Proposal 2.0 provides a flexible design, editing and proposal-generation experience to users on the platform. With added attributes of simplified navigation, modification of pages and creation of proposal templates, users can update their client proposals as necessary.
  • CRM Tool — Manage leads, sales, projects and designs with XTEN-AV’s built-in customer relationship management platform. 
  • Automation Tool — Release yourself from the legacy methods of systems design, client management and proposal generation, and let XTEN-AV fully automate the process.

This session will highlight some of the newest features on the XTEN-AV platform and show you how the company can add 10x the revenue, productivity and satisfaction to any project.

Sahil Dhingra

Vibhav Singh, CTS

Gary Kayye
THE rAVe Agency

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