If IP-Controllable Power Conditioners Were Cars, Snap One’s WattBox Would Be a Spaceship

Starting in 2004, every company making power conditioners started adding network ports — a victory for those of us designing AV systems. But, then… nothing. 

Remotely turning outlets on and off, rebooting and power conditioning is very 2006. Think that’s an exaggeration? Think again.

We challenge you to attend this eye-opening session with Scott Normand of Snap One and rAVe’s own Gary Kayye, which will demonstrate why you should care about offering totally immersive power management and control, not just IP-connected outlets. 

Snap One’s WattBox Series is a power management family of products exclusively integrated with professional-grade surge protection and OvrC, an immersive remote management platform. Mark your calendars to join to learn how to earn recurring revenue and delight customers by flawlessly running rooms, buildings, campuses and entire enterprises when you install WattBox on every job.

Scott NormandCommercial Market Senior Director

Snap One

Gary KayyeDirector & Co-Founder

THE rAVe Agency

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