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Mental Health Matters: Balancing Work, Life, and Beyond

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It’s the age-old dilemma — how does one balance her career with her home life?

We certainly don’t have the answer, but we’ll explore best practices for mental wellbeing in the office and at home. Our experts will share mindfulness tips and tricks, stress management techniques, and more.

You’ll hear from:

Neelu KaurLeadership Coach & Stress Management Specialist
Carrie GraceyPhysical Therapist & Facility Manager
Brandy Alvarado-MirandaCEO

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A Note About The Term Girl Boss:

We view using the term “Girl Boss” as taking our power back and owning it—not as something that’s demeaning
to the confident, strong and smart women in tech that are a part of our industry. We truly believe it can be a powerful term
when used by women who are labeling themselves as a force to be reckoned with within the working world.

If you would like to have an open dialogue about this, please reach out to Megan A. Dutta –
her inbox is open to hear your thoughts at megan@theraveagency.com.

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