Designing the Classroom of the Future

From Hybrid to HiFlex – the evolving HED classroom

What was once a proof of concept is now in high demand across the country, as universities look to implement hybrid and HiFlex solutions now. Join us February 23rd to leverage the learnings from someone who has successfully designed and implemented the classroom of the future – twice. 

Gary Kayye has been in AV design for 25+ years and he’s also a full-time professor at the University of North Carolina.  His unique perspective led him to design two iterations of UNC’s classroom of the future and to freely share those plans with his colleagues. The result? 50 colleges and universities around the world leveraging these plans as a launch-pad for their own AV-over-IP-based classrooms and active-learning spaces. 

The college classroom or lecture hall is no longer a confined space between 4-walls. Every classroom needs hybrid capability and some likely need a true hiflex environment. This design approach to a learning space means that a student never has to miss class, a professor can teach from anywhere in the world, lectures are automatically streamed and archived and in-room projectors are really more of a digital canvas than a display. 

Join us on Feb 23rd 2p EST/11a PST for a conversation with Gary Kayye to discuss lessons learned, things to consider and AV solutions available today.

Gary Kayye

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