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Meikyo Electric Co. Ltd. has been involved in the development of power control equipment since the dawn of the 90’s. The current market demands high reliability and convenience in its network-controlled equipment. Some of the key features of Meikyo Electric’s products are:

■ High reliability & high-performance by utilizing rich hardware technologies
■ Built-for-purpose OS and Protocol Stack Software technology
■ PING Monitoring / Weekly Scheduling / Script Shutdown Functions

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Meikyo Electric
Meikyo Electric
Meikyo Electric

Check out the Featured Product from Meikyo Electric

The Watchboot Rebooter

The WatchBoot Rebooter is able to automatically power cycle IT equipment that freezes by the life-and-death monitoring of the network via PING. The most common usage of this product is for the customer who needs the automatic reboot of shared wireless routers, especially if located in remote locations. Meikyo’s products can also be used to schedule the start-up and shut-down of other IT equipment including personal computers and digital signage.

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