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UC Workspace’s mission is to unify collaborative experiences. From our very beginnings we’ve been driven to solve some of the biggest challenges our enterprise customers face with collaboration. Our journey started with a challenge to make boardrooms more productive! Our customers were plagued with different hardware and software solutions which made starting and participating in digitally enabled meetings frustrating and expensive. We created Quicklaunch to help our customers to walk into a boardroom and become instantly productive – regardless of underlying technology, hardware or platforms. We’re going to continue doing what we do best… unifying collaborative experiences™. We will do this by continuing to take the time to truly understanding the needs of our customers and being brave enough to create innovative, industry first, products and services that our customers love.

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Angela Hlavka
Angela Hlavka
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Redefine Together with weav™

With weav™, we are redefining together. We've completely rethought how sharing should work in the modern workspace and created the next evolution of sharing - woven digital experiences. Weav provides seamless sharing and content collaboration from any device to help unleash your team’s productivity. Weav is much more about sharing content, it’s about creating a blended experience of apps between virtually any platform, mobile, desktop or wall. Need to share in the boardroom? How about in a huddle room with no monitor? What about at the coffee shop? Weav supports virtually any collaboration scenario and location you can imagine.

Unify Management and Insights with UC Central™

UC Central specializes in unified management and insight in the meeting room. UC Central makes it easy to control and monitor your workspaces while giving you the insight required to drive efficiency and productivity. UC Central goes beyond workspace analytics, giving you the tools to transform workspace data into insights, actions, and results. UC Central allows you to maintain a bird's eye-view of your workspaces by providing custom dashboards, real-time reporting, performance alerts, and scheduled reporting. You can also manage your Quicklaunch enabled rooms with configuration templates and settings.

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