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iRevo is a leading provider of SaaS based solutions for Digital Signage (iDS) and Web Communication applications (Aldo). Platform and applications are built with modern technologies and supports all leading operating system platforms and devices ranging from TV Displays to Media Players to PC and Cell Phones. iDS leads the industry by providing advanced features like Touch and Motion event driven content support to drop-in support for One Touch Audio and Video calling on TV and Tablet Kiosks; without programming.

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Dhimant Bhayani
Dhimant Bhayani
iRevo Multimedia, Inc.

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iRevo Digital Signage with One Touch Audio, Video Calling

iRevo Digital Signage (iDS) is a cloud based, new generation platform that support client applications running on Android & Fire TV displays and devices. iDS also supports a web client (no application to install) running modern web browser on SoC TVs, Devices and Computers. Now, you can use the iDS software to design, publish and monitor high impact content on any display, be it a TV, PC or Tablet. Other advanced features include ability to support Touch interaction and content triggering on motion sensing without programming.

We lead the industry by providing Aldo Web Communication platform in iDS. This enables signage display to support One Touch Audio and Video Calling, Broadcasting Meetings and Webinars or Presenting from a PC to a TV Display. All without writing any API service or software development. Again, all three screens; TV, PC and Tablet are supported to run iDS with Aldo.

Several iDS plans are available that meet the technical requirements at attractive price points.

Aldo Web Communication suite for Web Meetings, Webinars and PC to TV Presentations

Aldo Web Communication platform enables conducting Web Meetings, Webinars and PC to TV presentations via popular web browsers, eliminating need for application installation and ongoing updates that may result in security breach. Aldo is a Cloud First solution and is available for integrating in to custom workflow / enterprise application, without expensive per video minute billing of various API platforms. Aldo is made available as a seamless add-on to iRevo Digital Signage.

Aldo is easy to use yet offers rich features like AI driven Noise Reduction and Face Centering, Content Orchestration, Survey creation module and pixel perfect video playback from YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Aldo introduces a concept of Instant Meetings which eliminates e-mail driven meeting invitation and meeting joining and PC to TV presentation without dongles, cables or requiring presenter and display to be on same network.

There are iOS and Android Apps for conducting Web Meetings and Webinars from mobile devices and tablets.

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