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Fugo helps businesses connect their commonly overlooked ‘third screen’ – TV screens – to the tools at the heart of your business: social media, business intelligence & KPI software, or GSuite, to name a few. Whether your screens are internal or customer-facing, you can use Fugo’s cloud-based software to determine how your screens look, display content, and how they connect your workplace, restaurant or venues around the world.

Zuka Kakabadze
Zuka Kakabadze

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Fugo: Digital Signage Software

Fugo turns any screen into smart digital signage. It's an easy-to-use software that manages small to large screen networks, integrates with popular business apps, and measures audience engagement.

For too long, digital signage has been an enterprise-only game. The high cost of screens, paired with outdated and overpriced software tools - stood in the way of small businesses looking to bring screens into their marketing & communication strategies. No more. Fugo empowers businesses of any size to get their message seen. In one tool - build out a stable network of screens, create and publish content, monitor your devices, and measure your audience engagement. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in - shouldn’t digital signage be easy?

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