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SDVoE LIVE! is TV for pro AV – the industry’s only edutainment program. These lively 30-minute interactive shows are educational and fun.  Every other Tuesday at 1 PM ET, SDVoE Alliance president Justin Kennington, head of education Matt Dodd, and their special guests bring you news commentary, training and Q&A on topics important to system designers, integrators and end users. We’ll be back in the fall with an exciting new line-up of live shows, but in the meantime, watch all 16 episodes from season one on our YouTube channel, or log in to SDVoE Academy for access to additional resources. SDVoE LIVE! is a production of the 50+ member SDVoE Alliance whose steering members are Black Box, Christie, IDK, NETGEAR Business, Semtech and ZeeVee.

Pierre Sicard
Pierre Sicard
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Digital Canvas: The Modern Classroom

In this episode of SDVoE LIVE! professor Gary Kayye showed us that in a modern classroom, the display does not have to be a single monitor or projector connected to a single video source. It is ideally a complete digital canvas on which content can be easily positioned anywhere. Where traditional presentation systems ask “which single content do you want on the single display”, this new approach to presentation asks “which content is most important right now”, leaving other content on screen for context, background and collaboration, ready to be called to the front at a moment’s notice. Click the “Learn More” button to see the exclusive Q&A in the aftershow (free login to SDVoE Academy required).

So You Think You Know USB?

In this episode of SDVoE LIVE!, Tavis Sparrow, from Icron Technologies, the leaders in extending and switching solutions for USB, brings us up to date on the state of the market. In the last decade of pro AV, USB has exploded from a protocol for keyboards and thumb drives to a critical part of AV infrastructure. Cameras, microphones and speakers regularly connect via USB to provide the “bring your own meeting” experience. Click the “Learn More” button to see the exclusive Q&A in the aftershow (free login to SDVoE Academy required).

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