APEX is a professional audio and AV equipment manufacturer, supplying innovative, high-quality products to system integrators and audio engineers around the world.

From our latest CloudPower Class-D installation amplifiers to our LIVIAU touchscreen solutions, all APEX products are underpinned by our mission to create smarter, more efficient, more powerful solutions for fixed installation and AV.

We’re proud to develop, assemble and rigorously test every APEX product at our facilities in Belgium. By controlling every stage of the product’s life from concept to aftersales support, we can be sure that each product bearing the APEX name upholds our reputation for build and audio quality.

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CloudPower is a new series of four-channel, Class-D installation amplifiers with comprehensive signal and speaker processing tools. Multiple amplifiers can be monitored and controlled remotely from any device over the APEX Cloud. CloudPower benefits from APEX’s GlidePath technology, which fully integrates DSP and amplifier circuits. CloudPower’s ultra-precise reproduction of high transients manages speaker cone excursion, minimizing distortion and prolonging speaker life. Another standout feature is an integrated audio source, allowing streaming of audio from external devices.

The first two models in the series are the 4x 350W CP354 and the 4x 700W CP704, with a further pair of more powerful amplifiers coming soon. Every unit features a built-in WiFi Hotspot, allowing connection via APEX’s intuitive IntelliCloud WebUI, or through a wired Ethernet connection. CloudPower is designed for standalone or networked deployment in installations scaling from bars and hotels through to theaters and theme parks.


LIVIAU S is a completely new approach to AV control for bars, clubs, retail and corporate applications. A single, elegant touchscreen-based unit combined with highly intuitive operation provides control over audio and video playback (including comprehensive scheduling), plus a fully integrated DMX controller for powerful and sophisticated lighting control.

Remotely control your business from anywhere in the world by smartphone, pc or tablet. Distributing content to your bar, restaurant or shop was never easier, as you can remotely drop your media files on LIVIAU’s upgradable internal hard disk and schedule them to play at any time.

LIVIAU S is simple to install, energy-efficient, great to look at and very cost-effective in comparison with other commercial control systems.

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