Epson Projectors Power ‘Homebody’ Immersive Art Experience at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, California

This live event has ended, but is now available on-demand!

In this #avIRL event, you’ll hear the compelling story of how Epson’s projectors helped materialize an innovative idea into a totally immersive art experience. 

“Homebody” was the first immersive art experience by multidisciplinary artist Allison “Hueman” Torneros. Spanning more than 20,000 square feet, “Homebody” explored themes of identity within the self and the larger community through original murals, portraits and sculptures displayed through projection mapping and augmented reality.

Hueman collaborated with projection designer Craig Winslow of Craig Winslow Studio to create this unique immersive experience. As the project’s creative designer and lead projection mapper, Winslow brought his extensive experiential and immersive installation experience to the piece. He was able to execute Hueman’s vision for the space with systems integration support from Sean Mason at A3 Visual.

Visitors stepped into a full 360-degree experience, brought to life by projection mapping and augmented reality activated on smart devices. The team used Epson LightScene and Pro Series 3LCD laser projectors in the three main installations — Isolation, Collaboration and Chrysalis — and some other areas to add illumination.

“Homebody” debuted at Ciel Creative Space in Berkeley, California. Utilizing space to merge technology and art in this way puts Ciel Creative Space and its co-founder and CEO Cecilia Caparas Apelin (also executive producer of “Homebody”) at the forefront of an exciting new trend. With more than 40,000 square feet of studio and event space, Ciel Creative Space gives artists, production crews and creatives the ideal venue for collaboration. These art projects reimagine leadership in the creative and tech industries, impact communities and redefine the role of technology in human connection, identity and art.

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With Featured Guests

Megan A. DuttaEditor-in-Chief


Craig WinslowPrincipal
Winslow Studio
Allison “Hueman” TornerosMultidisciplinary Artist
Creator, “Homebody”
Cecilia Caparas ApelinCo-founder and CEO
Ciel Creative Space


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